Imploring the Attention Of someone who is unconscious is Celebrated with An EXPLODING bout Of Energetic Experience. All in honor of YOU!

“We live within time that’s why I’m very rarely on time”

This is about understanding the inner workings of time and the power time tells and reveals, how, when, and why the greatest benefits of our purposes have come into fruition. Time prepares a place and space for itself, holding in cue, while we reach for another try at repetitively made mistakes until we finally get it. “ALL OF IT” only then is it the right time to for times rewards. In Alignment, understanding that God, Jesus, & our Uni’Verse can,

“we can not “KEEP TIME” As we are not the “TIME KEEPER”,

We can only Be, “Within Time” Not “On” Time..

“Time Runs Out When We Waste To Much Time Repeating The Same Mistakes, Time & Time Again”.

🌬Yours Truly, Miss’Understood

©️ 2018 All Rights Reserved Quotes By Vanisha’Bella 🕕

Author: Bella Uni’Verse

I believe in forever. I believe that the spirit is the love heart. I believe that the spirit is the “souls” (source) heartbeat. I believe in high-spirited humans. I believe in the truth of meeting your souls counterpart in a whirlwind of spiritual dance. I believe life unfolds us in a perfectly charted Uni’Verse’All choreography. I believe in Uni’Verse’All Human Beings. A race where we all finish together, there is no first, and there is certainly, no last; there is only Being Human. I believe that a huge majority misses (longing for what is forgotten) the colors of the rainbow, when in reality; It’s always there even if you can’t see it. I believe we all paint our own picture every day. What it looks like is up to us. I believe that we are all within one system, one spirit, one song, one dance, one breath. ONE 1! I believe we are all one; At least we should be. I believe the day drips with dreams and divinity. I recognize that the sky is not the limit. But what I wonder..... Why is it that we only love to the moon and back? When we can love to the furthest reaches of all galaxies and never return. I Believe ©️2018, 2020 Bella Uni’Verse Authentic Reality, Poet With Verve Publications

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