Capice ⁉️

For the poets and poetry lovers 📚

Poetry by, Vanisha’Bella 📚

Every of Any,

Absolutely, You bet.

I’m completely indoctrinated, Within all, every of any,

Portion from myself.

Delighted to know,

The knowing.

The obvious following from the front.

Knowledge no, never, stop. Continue.

Capice ?

What a waste of

what’s wasted.

Caspire ?

Do you Intesto ?

Do you understand ?

What do you understand?

How much wasted time are You without resetting?

Knowing how you understand, Without understanding.

Wasted, waste.

Incomplete, displaced, lost;

I’m available by,

Never knowing,

There is a must.

Be aware, when awareness Hits.

In that moment of clarity’s Clearness.

Felichous illuminessence

Is the defined, definition of Description.

Must is most necessary,

By the way of the;


You/Us theory for,

Internal suigeneris design.

You/We are already formatted, No need to try.

No need to find yourself,

Or be a better you.

Not to do, to do more of.

I don’t care what you know

Through the wormhole you’ve Traveled;

Successful to walk on

Graduation day, and come out on the other end thinking,

Holy shit I fuckin made it.

Diploma in hand, valedictorian, stand and deliver.

Huh What. I think I missed it.

Something about teachers and their gift of knowledge.

Good grief man knowledge is for children.

Understanding is architectural Indoctrinated POI.

© All Rights Reserved Vanisha’Bella * Authentic Reality it’s *  Whatz Happenin

Author: Bella Uni’Verse

I believe in forever. I believe that the spirit is the love heart. I believe that the spirit is the “souls” (source) heartbeat. I believe in high-spirited humans. I believe in the truth of meeting your souls counterpart in a whirlwind of spiritual dance. I believe life unfolds us in a perfectly charted Uni’Verse’All choreography. I believe in Uni’Verse’All Human Beings. A race where we all finish together, there is no first, and there is certainly, no last; there is only Being Human. I believe that a huge majority misses (longing for what is forgotten) the colors of the rainbow, when in reality; It’s always there even if you can’t see it. I believe we all paint our own picture every day. What it looks like is up to us. I believe that we are all within one system, one spirit, one song, one dance, one breath. ONE 1! I believe we are all one; At least we should be. I believe the day drips with dreams and divinity. I recognize that the sky is not the limit. But what I wonder..... Why is it that we only love to the moon and back? When we can love to the furthest reaches of all galaxies and never return. I Believe ©️2018, 2020 Bella Uni’Verse Authentic Reality, Poet With Verve Publications

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