“Me” & “Myself”

Have you ever given much thought about the details involved in what “You” understand of “Yourself” ? There are 2 very separate entities within each of us. “You” and “Yourselves”;
And, “Me” and “Myself”.
This blog entry touches on and small piece of what the discovery of “Self” brings.
I hope “You” enjoy “Yourself” !
If “You” find “You” would like to further indulge your curiosity, call me at, (801)-661-8823 for a 20min Enlightenment Call.

🌬Personal Reflection


  • “I” spend time with “myself”
  • “I” choose to be first every morning to greet “myself”
  • “I” fall into my daily hugs embrace, recalling to care for and love “myself”
  • “I invest Attention to Know Myself”
  • “I” Gain Reflection from Understanding “Myself”
  • Invest in my principal,
  • Living off my interest.
  • Remember to calculate the value of your interest!
  • Invest in “Yourself” * “You” will be grateful !
  • ©️ 2018 All Rights Reserved * Vanisha’Bella * Whatz Happenin * Authentic Reality

    Author: Bella Uni’Verse

    I believe in forever. I believe that the spirit is the love heart. I believe that the spirit is the “souls” (source) heartbeat. I believe in high-spirited humans. I believe in the truth of meeting your souls counterpart in a whirlwind of spiritual dance. I believe life unfolds us in a perfectly charted Uni’Verse’All choreography. I believe in Uni’Verse’All Human Beings. A race where we all finish together, there is no first, and there is certainly, no last; there is only Being Human. I believe that a huge majority misses (longing for what is forgotten) the colors of the rainbow, when in reality; It’s always there even if you can’t see it. I believe we all paint our own picture every day. What it looks like is up to us. I believe that we are all within one system, one spirit, one song, one dance, one breath. ONE 1! I believe we are all one; At least we should be. I believe the day drips with dreams and divinity. I recognize that the sky is not the limit. But what I wonder..... Why is it that we only love to the moon and back? When we can love to the furthest reaches of all galaxies and never return. I Believe ©️2018, 2020 Bella Uni’Verse Authentic Reality, Poet With Verve Publications

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