More We Under’Stand Under’Standing; The More We Become Under’Stood 💭

Have we forgotten one another, is passion and desire a thing no more?
Can we repair damage done over decades of losing ourselves in technology? Can we make an effort? Can we do it together?

Carpe Diem 🌻🕉♎♌🗝 We are more joyful, more ambitious, more aware, perfectly delivered, defining expression, insight has become clear with constant visions, questions are followed with answers and we are all 111% Understood.

Visions come with a clear understanding about what had been asked. A schedule filling  quickly! (A life born) we are All Made to be crafted.

After 42 years of craftsmanship, like a slab of steel, heated, beaten, cooled, again repeat. Exposed me to much tragedy, beyond common or relatable. It wouldn’t be until much later I would learn that I had been carried through all the events that could or should have broken me into bits. The Uni’Verse had chosen, had carried, protected, given the energetic gift of super human, emotional, psychological, mental, and physical strength! After all of the crafting, the Uni’Verse had wielded a sword. Beautiful & sharp, with divine purpose and powerful abilities to cut through the mass human reprogramming that has been used to deplete passion and connectivity, minds have been altered leaving blind confusion. People have replaced the Uni’Verse partnership with a mobile connection. 😢 Man made energy is what clung to, instead of (no comparison) intimacy with the Uni’Verse!? 😢 

What we see is faces in a damn mobile phone! Children decline play requests because they would rather be on a Ipad! “No, I’d rather do this” they say. 

Intimate night’s into mornings aren’t spent with couples exploring one another’s bodies in great detail anymore. So deeply lost in one another the desire for intercourse has become less intoxicating. By dawn time has melted into a dream come true. *a new idea*  The art of blind discovery to energetically find that favorite, hidden freckle by using the sense of smell, found by memorizing, this perfect body that radiates an intoxicating natural essence. Smelling slightly different in each curve, as you breath in while gently kissing your King or Queen from head to toe, bringing you right to that perfect little freckle.

©️ 2018 Vanisha’Bella,Whatz Happenin, Authentic Reality,

Miss Under’Stood

Author: Bella Uni’Verse

I believe in forever. I believe that the spirit is the love heart. I believe that the spirit is the “souls” (source) heartbeat. I believe in high-spirited humans. I believe in the truth of meeting your souls counterpart in a whirlwind of spiritual dance. I believe life unfolds us in a perfectly charted Uni’Verse’All choreography. I believe in Uni’Verse’All Human Beings. A race where we all finish together, there is no first, and there is certainly, no last; there is only Being Human. I believe that a huge majority misses (longing for what is forgotten) the colors of the rainbow, when in reality; It’s always there even if you can’t see it. I believe we all paint our own picture every day. What it looks like is up to us. I believe that we are all within one system, one spirit, one song, one dance, one breath. ONE 1! I believe we are all one; At least we should be. I believe the day drips with dreams and divinity. I recognize that the sky is not the limit. But what I wonder..... Why is it that we only love to the moon and back? When we can love to the furthest reaches of all galaxies and never return. I Believe ©️2018, 2020 Bella Uni’Verse Authentic Reality, Poet With Verve Publications

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