We Are Gods And Goddesses In Reflection Not Image✨

Look within, be within, understand within then look into the mirror, you will see a God, a Goddess.

We (I) are created from the (reflection) image of God, therefore I see Gods & Goddesses through mirror reflection 🕉

Under’Standing, undeniable truth (by way of what by many will say is my nonsensical opinion) that we are all (human), all one race, connected by spirit. 

The spirit of God is and has been proven infallible countless time × time over. What God looks like is irrelevant and where the inability of putting a face to the name, causes ripples of doubt and disbelief. Solution being just a glance in the mirror; Even better, getting in touch with your soul. Search, Seek Under’Standing and you will Find. 

No judgement, only CARE.

We are individuals by height n weight; We are, baby versions of energy. There can be no benefit in narrow minds, in shallow belief, or being so far removed from (Your) one’s very own spirit of God & Goddess relationship. Please Under’Stand, I come from a place of intense care for those who limit themselves from (God), the source that breathes life. God is real, and comes in a package deal with added goodies for your energetic, life manifesting pleasures.

Goodie additions include,

1 *  Indecisual planetary, manifesting power.

2 * Natural healing remedies provided by mother nature.

3 * Power from the energy Luna provides (in abundance when full)

4 * The Sun, providing the ability to live at all

5 * Trees to continue the great Godly breath.

More x more x more goodies

Believe in the Harmonic Power that the Verse of Under’Standing Delivers through Uni rooted energy. With the purpose to Uni’FYI  a Uni’Verse’All humanity, We should be more reflective of trees, how they BIND to one another, to NURTURE one another,they CARE for one another naturally by Uni in Verse communication. Indulge, get your FILL, during Luna becoming Full specifically for YOU! Under’Stand the Cosmos! Believe, that now is time, accepting, I am here to bestow the gift of “Under’Standing” beyond anything you may know. Knowing is not Under’Standing and rarely Under’Stood ❗️

My question is, if you do believe in these sources, and have been lead to me by the Uni’Verse, what are you waiting for ❓

Do you understand the power in how to use the Verse as your way to a Harmonic Life ⁉️

If not, is it unrealistic to say, you may not have been given the tools for a deep spirit understanding of self, and are limiting yourself by not understanding what you know leaving you in the void, Or the more common place of general understanding; The uncomfortable, comfort zone. 🚷

Look within, be within, understand within, then look into the mirror, you will see God. We (I) are created from the image of  people, we are designed in the reflection of God. Therefore I see God through mirror reflection and I am a Goddess which leaves the Under’Standing that you are a God! Together is where we should be Standing in Under’Standing Uni’Verse’All!

Even if you don’t believe, I see Gods & Goddesses in you ALL

©️ 2018 All Rights Reserved * Vanisha’Bella * Whatz Happenin * Authentic Reality,

Sincerely, Miss’Understood

Author: Bella Uni’Verse

I believe in forever. I believe that the spirit is the love heart. I believe that the spirit is the “souls” (source) heartbeat. I believe in high-spirited humans. I believe in the truth of meeting your souls counterpart in a whirlwind of spiritual dance. I believe life unfolds us in a perfectly charted Uni’Verse’All choreography. I believe in Uni’Verse’All Human Beings. A race where we all finish together, there is no first, and there is certainly, no last; there is only Being Human. I believe that a huge majority misses (longing for what is forgotten) the colors of the rainbow, when in reality; It’s always there even if you can’t see it. I believe we all paint our own picture every day. What it looks like is up to us. I believe that we are all within one system, one spirit, one song, one dance, one breath. ONE 1! I believe we are all one; At least we should be. I believe the day drips with dreams and divinity. I recognize that the sky is not the limit. But what I wonder..... Why is it that we only love to the moon and back? When we can love to the furthest reaches of all galaxies and never return. I Believe ©️2018, 2020 Bella Uni’Verse Authentic Reality, Poet With Verve Publications

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