Self Care
Reflection is not something I seek 
to understand within her full measurements.

“Image is a universal description
of personal depiction.”

Dictatorship with intent to speak to one “Self.”
For instance, Looking at Self in
the mirror greeting Self with kind recognition.

We could, choose to do this…
We could even choose to speak out
loud to ourselves, as we look into the mirror.
Checking in with Self.
Eye to eye asking,
“How are you Being Today?”

Or more often than not, do we instead, choose to check our appearance?
Which then has lead us to self discrimination with a quick belittling insult claiming,
Ugh, “Having a bad hair day!”
something we're all guilty of.

Disconnected and unaware of most of our personal insults, even as silly as a bad hair day claim may seem, this is personally damaging and Self abuse.

Reflection comes from the deepest depths within us, deeper than the flesh. Reaching down into the roots of all energetic pathways.
“From the Crown, all the way down through the SOULS OF OUR FEET.”

Reflection comes from the cavities
of our past.
The {History}
Our own personal “Hi’Story” 🙋🏽‍♀️
Our lives unearthed, revealed, released, uncaptured, set free.

The image is not always reflection.
And reflection is almost never an Image.
In order to find reflection,
we have to begin with, finding
time, taking notice of our
beautiful details,
and basking in the fountain of our beautiful existence.

Proudly embracing our perfect imperfections. {Something we refer to as flaws}
Consciously investing attention into the privilege of having the ability to, visually capture an in-depth look.
To see.
To view admirably, the many layers
of beauty in the mirror, reflecting.

Greeting ourselves when we wake in the morning. Then again before sleeping each night, allowing Self, time to meet reflection in the mirror, saying Self;
“I care for you enough to understand how to love you.”

I'm proud of you.
You are brave.
Hugging ourselves with pleasure and gratitude to be able.
Smiling upon ourselves, granting ourselves a restful nights sleep.

All of these beautiful elements
grant us a reflection, we are
allowed to meet again, over and
over everyday.

Never would we schedule a meeting with any other Being, before we have met with, and greeted ourselves FIRST !

I was sitting in my hotel room,
thinking about “Being.”
Being Human, and what that means;
To Be Human?
Then I thought, I can’t just,
“Be Human.”
Grow to harness authentic reflection {in the mirror}
Seeing Self.
Asking; “How Am I Being?”
Seeking “TRUTH”,
Mantras Every morning at 6am.
Again in the afternoon 1:11pm.
Upon the closing of the day, into the sleepiness of night,
“I” will check in with “Myself”
by out loud asking;
𝒱𝒶𝓃𝒾𝓈𝒽𝒶, How are you Being?

“UnI has nothing to do with me and you, but everything to do with Us”

The Birth Of Living Art

The Mother of Creativity.
The Birth of;
The Conversation Piece.
Art Alive.

The Birth Of Living Art
The wonder of manifesting the craving of my souls desire.

Being within the garden of a golden glow.
The sands of seduction,
The power of the Goddess I embody.

To be photographed within an element such as this. Calling me to inspire the conversation with the Master.
The Master calls -
The Eye Of The Beholder -

Only By The Eye, She can be captured.
Behold The Eye who see’s her.
Following her soul.

He falls deeper, he follows, further.
Capturing the moment requires;
The Mesmeric, eye to eye connection.

Only she can secure.
The Eyes,
The Lens,
The Muse & Magic.

Entranced By He Who Can View within
whole Vision.
Now he is ready - Prepare to begin.

The Mother of Creativity.
The Birth of;
The Conversation Piece.
Art Alive.

Foto -
The Father of;
A Masterpiece.
Created by;
The Eye
👁 Of The Beholder.

©️ 2020
All Rights Reserved
Bella Uni’Verse
Poet With Verve Publications

Before Dawn

Sublime creativity from The Woman by Design, reminds you once again;
Kiss the artist as you watch her begin, designing the dawn of experience, from here it begins.
within this moment, into the introduction of my unfolding

Before dawn this morning, the bare naked buzz of; This, 5th day of September awakened and kissed into a sweetly consciously aroused initiation to rise. My naked body stretches, up on the tips of my toes. Visual attention to the casting of lights, illuminating hues upon my caramel bare skin. Continue reading “Before Dawn”