Hand me that wrench will ya.

Mechanical Deception

Understanding what is beyond what the eyes see is the dynasty that keeps us in alignment with discernment. The eyes only allow what has become common, often leading us into blind deception. Choosing what is damaging and removing what is a gift.

So close yet so far off.


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Bella Uni’Verse
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Before Dawn

Sublime creativity from The Woman by Design, reminds you once again;
Kiss the artist as you watch her begin, designing the dawn of experience, from here it begins.
within this moment, into the introduction of my unfolding

Before dawn this morning, the bare naked buzz of; This, 5th day of September awakened and kissed into a sweetly consciously aroused initiation to rise. My naked body stretches, up on the tips of my toes. Visual attention to the casting of lights, illuminating hues upon my caramel bare skin. Continue reading “Before Dawn”