Be Present

Gifted to be Present

I seek to share the collaboration of time with who one day I am sure to discover to be my future, my present, my Man. 

The value of design, is an experience of unknown and otherworldly pleasures.
We will find,; Nothing of a general concept, or typical description in each other’s company.

I am a Goddess.
A Gift.
You are a Man.
The privilege of experiencing
The Gift;

Lying you down, unfolding you, allowing me to discover, touch and delve into the depths of your
deepest hidden desires.

You have fallen comfortably into the blissful kiss of truth.
The Gift of The Goddess, finds you valued, worthy to taste upon the essence, lingering from the licking of your lips, with the tip of my tongue.

Bound and Found Mesmerized;
Absorbing the rush of my hypnotic “Gift,”

Now that you are Present.
Here you choose to find yourself conscious, aware, Present.

The Gift awakens the Man in you.
Discovering and holding your attention with extraordinary power.
Stopping Time, Capturing every Moment, seducing attention by
pumping inspiration into your veins.
Bringing you to Life Conscious;
Taking in each moment,
Pleased, Aware and “PRESENT!”

Within The Gift; He is consumed in the truth She reveals and unfolds at his feet.

The Value you place upon yourself
is the Value of “The Gift” you will discover through your “Thoughtful Approach,” eager to IMPRESS me.

I choose by what I see when I choose to open the note you have sent through text.

I am The Goddess.
And you are ?
Typical or Attentive, to the God Inside the Man?