The Powerful, Everlasting, Goddess Kali 🩸

Kali, the true Kali, will continue to defy all attempts to tame and domesticate her, as she has since the beginning of time.

Completing Goddess Kali Pt.3

The Thuggee are said to have had their female equivalent in a sect of Tantrists who held that it was through constant indulgence in gluttony of the senses and the five recognised vices 
– drinking of wine, eating of meat and fish, performance of “mystical gesticulations” and sexual indulgence - that a human could achieve purification of the soul and all-embracing union with Kali. It is difficult to discover any concrete information about this group of women – their name, the extent to which they practiced in India, whether they were associated with the Thuggee cult, and whether they died out or continue to exist within the many Tantric sects extant today.
Their ethos has similarities to that of the male Aghori monks of Varanasi who inhabit cemeteries and sometimes eat human flesh as part of their rituals, use marijuana and alcohol, and meditate on top of corpses to help them reach a state of heightened awareness and bring themselves closer to Shiva, Kali’s consort.
Here Kali is shown in her post 17th century, rehabilitated form: beautiful of face and body, blue skinned rather than black, her right foot forward to indicate the correct spiritual path, with her right hands displaying the gestures of fearlessness and blessing and her left holding the sword and severed head. lIllustration from Myths of the Hindus & Buddhists, 1914. Author Surendra Nath Khar.
In part because of her dread characteristics and habit of acting unpredictably, at least to those who tried to control her, devotion came late in the game to Kali 
– even devout Hindus were wary of her wrath. However in the seventeenth century Kali received a makeover from the Tantric Bengali poets in northwest India. No longer a terrifying red-eyed crone, she began to be depicted as voluptuous, motherly, young and beautiful, with a gentle smile, attractive ornaments and pleasing blue complexion. While she continued to brandish weaponry and severed heads, two of her right hands now made soothing gestures - the mudras of fearlessness and blessing.

Today, her image reflects her duality. Kali is depicted in the act of killing but smiles engagingly. Her protruding red tongue signals both modesty (a Bengali tradition) and her thirst for blood. Her dishevelled hair hints at unrestrained blood lust and alternatively the metaphysical mystery of death that encircles life. Her three eyes represent omniscience, her voluptuous breasts both sexual lust and nurturance. Her nakedness simultaneously represents carnality and purity. Her necklace of severed heads and girdle of severed arms signifies her killing rage but are also tantric metaphors for creative power and severance from the bonds of karma and accumulated deeds. Even her stance is imbued with dual meaning. The respectable, right handed path of Tantra (Dakshinamarga) is emphasised by her right foot forward stance, while the infamous left-handed path (Vamamarga) followed by “degenerate” Tantric practitioners such as the Aghori is down-played. While her right hands are generally associated with positive gestures, her left hands hold weaponry – depending on the number of arms she is portrayed as having, a bloodied sword or trident, a freshly severed head and a skull cup to catch the blood. However, even these are symbols of greater purpose. The sword symbolises higher knowledge, the head the human ego that must be severed in order to exit from the cycle of life and rebirth.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, many western feminist scholars have adopted Kali as a mascot of female empowerment, or have politicised her as a symbol of the supposed former matriarchal golden age that came before our present state of patriarchal control and decline. New Age Tantric practitioners adapt her obvious sexual manifestations as a therapeutic tool, while Hollywood employs her as a convenient symbol of malevolence.

But Kali, the true Kali, will continue to defy all attempts to tame and domesticate her, as she has since the beginning of time.
Kali can be depicted in various aspects, both as a terrible force for violence and retribution, and as a loving protective chaste figure. Photo credit: Kashgar
Kali's mantra:

Oṃ jayantī mangala kālī bhadrakālī kapālinī.
Durgā ksamā śivā dhātrī svāhā svadhā namō'stu‍tē

AR rrrrr Ehem

From the center of the earth where her motherboard is rooted. She is more than an epidermal delight.
She is more than brilliant, 
more than powerful, and innovative.

Authentic Perception
When the eyes deceive the deeper perception of authenticity, where external beauty is powered and empowered from the core of her.

From the center of the earth where her motherboard is rooted. She is more than an epidermal delight.
She is more than brilliant,
more than powerful, and innovative.

She is beautiful in the depths of
her silent nature. Her hidden secret palace is where you will find more than the pure beauty of heart and soul; Here within her magical sanctuary is where the creativity
of dreams are born.

The beauty of a woman does not exude through the skin;
The Power of her beauty is discovered in layers.
She is the “The Gift;”
She is the essence of an un-relatable & undeniable Power.
Gifted, she pours over with humble humility.

Beauty In Layers, so Beautiful she emanates a potent aroma causing certified joys of Perfection.
“Perfect is reality, Perfect is authentic.”
Being within perfection has brought you into The Gift of, hypnotic captivation.
You are CONSCIOUS, Attentive, and Grateful to be, PRESENT !

She is a Desert Rose.
Flowering upon her foundation, blooming with the unique beauty in layers, wrapped within her petals, spinning from the energetic high,
a vibrating frequency so powerful;
The "climb" to the "max;" entrancing whole body, and mind, exploding within her tantric energetic spinning intoxication.

The Experience of the "climb,"
to the "max" of Utopia leaves you
in a new authenticity of reality, uncomparablbe to any other. At this point we've discovered to build pleasures of eager anticipation for our next celestial unfolding.

Come; Fall upon the foundation of magic.
Play in the garden of submission. Indulge
in the service of my Dominion.
My Succulent invitation, for the privilege of my pondering consideration awaits… paradise is only a reach away. Where I will stop time, allowing the capturing of each moment.

Leaving you with a reel
to reel for your late night, early morning memory of “The Experience.” Moments captured. Your magic, movie replay.

The Desert Rose
The incomparable beauty of the resilient strength blooms a blossoming in a class all its own. Each rose will blossom a unique pattern, never repeating the one before. No Rose resembling any other. Being present in the company of
The Desert Rose is both a Gift,
and a Suigeneris privilege.

Suigeneris : One of a kind, can not be duplicated, rare.

Quote By Yours Truly
{Attention is like money.}
"PAY" Attention for Attention to be, "PAID." - {not, payed}

The more attention we invest;
The more interest received in return."
{This is my principle of life}

We must Invest Attention,
to receive the value of Interest.

u·to·pi·a /yo͞oˈtōpēə/
place or state of things in which everything is perfect. ideal place, paradise, heaven, heaven on earth, Eden, Garden of Eden, Shangri-La, Elysium, the Elysian Fields, Happy Valley, seventh heaven, idyll, nirvana, literally, Arcadia

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7 days to Sunday; Saturated in Saturday’s Seduction 🌬🌞

An encounter of such rare embodiment encompassing the senses, within a seductive sensuality.

    - Friday Sleeps

Not only capture;
Hold his attention.
The invitation of an otherworldly Experience,delivered into his reality.The discovery of Utopia. Pleasures unknown, or yet seen. awaiting.
Her essence leaves him intoxicated, an impression left to ponder upon,
at the end of the day. The hypnotic encounter is still Mesmeric.

Feeling the tips of her fingers imprint, awaken and inspired all
of his senses.
{taste, smell, sight, touch,
audible, visual, even, mind, body, spirit, psychy, neurologically stimulating epiderma.}

An encounter of such rare
embodiment encompassing the senses,
within a seductive sensuality.

Fading into a dreamlike slumber, evokes stimulating thoughts into
your reality. Savoring the last
few conscious moments, of Friday’s sublime satisfaction, and the sensational gift of tranquility.

Friday sleeps into Saturday.
7 days to Sunday;
Saturated in Saturday’s Seduction

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Bring Me Fish 🎣

Delve deeply above the hypnotic essence, and I believe you will experience your Utopia.

I Invite You To;
Be conscious of your


I Invite You To;
Meet the frequency

of evaluation.
Allow yourself the

feeling of Being humble.
Experience gratitude
to have been chosen.

Consciously now,
indulge in the gift,
receive as I begin
to shower you now.
Enter inside Uni,
Stepping beyond the threshold.

Fall inside,
as the door closes behind you,
feeling as if you'd
been dipped into an otherworldly dimension.
Soaked in the authentic

essence of reality.

You will discover yourself
led and designed very easily.
What you must do is;
Allow the visual

acknowledgment of your
frequency to fall beside you.
Enchanted, CONSCIOUS,
and curious to the structure of commands by self controlled expectations.

Delve deeply above the hypnotic essence, and I believe you will experience your Utopia.

The many ways you will unfold
by Design.
When you are in my presence,
I will see how to choreograph each step, to the beat of your destined drum.

Goddess Born.
Woman By Design.
{I am creator of the ultimate pleasure of design}

As I understand Being,
The Gift.

Would you indulge in
The Present ?

You are Worthy, I see your Value.
Value can only be seen when

we are invested in the business
of being worthy of our our own
attention paid.

“{PAY} attention

attention to be {PAID}”
ᴺᴼᵀ ᴾᴬᴵᴰ
The more attention we invest,

the more interest we receive.
- {principle of life}?

“Uni, has nothing to do with
You & I, but everything to do
with Us.”

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