“The Souls Of Our Feet Are Doorways To The Inner Soul, Where We Are All Powerful”

Feet’Ture Photo

“The Souls Of Our Feet Are Doorways To The Inner Soul”

I have always had a love for my feet. If I’m going to be honest; 
I have always believed my feet are not only beautiful;
They are {Souls} not soles. They connect Even when I had no idea I would understand; I knew they were more than just “feet.” Some how they had great value in the way of vital importance.

I have been drawn throughout my life to always have well cared for
hands and feet.

The feet have a unique way of sparking insightful details about a person. Unlike the hands, the feet are not seen as often. When a person puts the element of time and care into the state and quality of their feet, that to me says a lot about, the quality of care put into what challenges they have carried the person through, what type of
growth/strength, or struggle came from the individuals path.

Many people pay little to no attention to their feet.
They are just feet, walked upon, in shoes, never seen.
Yet people will wear $100+ shoes and take them off to reveal unmanaged long toenails, cracked heals, and thick calluses.

Our feet tell a silent story about self worth, emotional health, how we view ourselves, grounding and balance (spiritual) personal neglect.
There are many things about our body's, parts, features and mannerisms that can potentially tell others more than we'd generally share ourselves.

I am always going on about caring enough to understand how to love, another tool with the desire to help see the the value in Under’Standing!

Care for yourself from top to bottom.
Care for yourself internal
Care to under’stand
“You” & “Yourself”.
Care to under’stand how to align “Yourself”.
Feet are worth your time for value.
“The Souls Of Our Feet Are Doorways To The Inner Soul,
Where We Are All Powerful”

You are Priceless.
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