A day in the Sole’ ☀️

Our Soul Is The Platform Of Our Salvation.
The Core Of Energetic Power.
Inner Soul’Ar Galactic Structure. (from the gut)

Our Legs Are The Pillars That Connect Us To The Roots Of Connection,
Through The (Soles) Souls Of Our Feet,
Head To Heart, (spirit is the souls heart)
Soul To Soul.

The Souls Of Our Feet Is Where We Draw From. Pulling Upward With Each Step We Take.
Inner And Outer Dimensional.
111% Activated.

Have You Gone Soul’Ar?
Are You Conscious?
Are You Limitless?
Can You Describe What Each Step Felt As You Move Through Your Day?
Step Into Reality!

Come, I’ll Take Your Hand 🤚
I am, Bella Uni’Verse
Your Authentic Reality Guide
Uni’Verse’City Of Ogden UT.
Numinous Guide And Healing

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All Rights Reserved
Bella Uni’Verse
Authentic Reality, it’s
Whatz Happenin